Marshall Park Extension And Redeveloped Lakeshore Drive To Spur West Ferris Investment



NORTH BAY – Mayor Al McDonald said today the best way to increase commercial, industrial and retail investment in West Ferris is for the city to invest in the infrastructure needed to make West Ferris more accessible.

“West Ferris has seen considerable new home builds and multi residential housing developments,” said McDonald. “One of the biggest issues West Ferris residents tell me about is the flow of traffic to and through this part of the city.”

McDonald says numerous residents have spoken with him about traffic on Lakeshore Drive.

“It has been my opinion that Lakeshore Drive is an inefficient street. Left hand turns hold traffic up and the lack of right hand turning lanes can cause delays as well.” Said McDonald

To combat this, McDonald proposes a new approach for Lakeshore Drive from Judge to Marshall Avenue.

McDonald said his preferred choice would be to maintain the four lane approach with a centre left hand turning lane but only if engineering determines enough room is available to do so.

“Some people have suggested no left hand turning on Lakeshore”, said McDonald “but I think that would be unfair to business.  If we are unable to keep all four lanes and add a left hand turning lane then perhaps two lanes with a single left hand turning lane for both directions and right hand turning lanes at intersections with traffic lights would be a suitable compromise.”

McDonald said, “anyone who has traveled in West Ferris knows how challenging the flow of traffic can be. Lakeshore Drive can be a difficult section of road, especially during rush hour.”

McDonald also said his preference for replacing the West Ferris Arena is with a new double pad arena which will only add to congestion without a proper plan for traffic flow.

In keeping with his plan for West Ferris development, McDonald said, “I have advocated, for years, for some sort of extension to Marshall Avenue. A four lane extension would go a long way to moving people in and out of West Ferris efficiently.” McDonald added, “I can envision increased investment flowing into West Ferris once we create the conditions needed to move people, goods and services.”

McDonald also said, “I will continue to lobby the provincial government on this issue and I will instruct engineering to begin development of plans so we are ready to proceed the minute we are granted the necessary approvals.”

“West Ferris is a vital part of our community,” said McDonald. “With positive planning, targeted investment and a strategic use of resources we can create better traffic flow and increase development.”

McDonald is running for his third term as Mayor.


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