Investing In Infrastructure – Planning For Growth

NORTH BAY – Al McDonald said today, “I’m doubling down on infrastructure.”

McDonald contends that investments in infrastructure are an important part of the plan for long term sustainability, growth and development.

“If we don’t maintain our pace of infrastructure renewal and investment, we won’t be ready for development opportunities.” said McDonald.

According to McDonald when business and industry look to expand, relocate or engage in new startup operations, a key ingredient in the mix is whether a community has the necessary services in place.

“North Bay has continually invested in infrastructure to the tune of more than $120 million dollars in the last four years alone.”

McDonald equates these investments to property owners upgrading electrical and plumbing in their homes, adding new windows or a new roof.

“For home owners, these kind of investments add value and extend the life of a property.” said McDonald. “It is the same for the city. Our roads, our sewers, our water system and so on, are vital to North Bay’s long term sustainability.

Not investing in these things would be short sighted and I prefer to take the long view.”

According to McDonald the city’s decision to extend water service to Canadore and Nipissing, for example, ensures the shared post secondary campus has the services needed to allow them to expand for programming, student services and future student housing when needed.

“These are the kind of investments people often don’t see but that return huge dividends to the community.” said McDonald.

McDonald has outlined plans for a large scale private/public development for downtown and proposals for increasing investments and better traffic flow for West Ferris and says he is able to do so because the city has been steadfast in its aggressive approach to investing in infrastructure.

“A good plan for growth starts with a strong foundation and I plan to continue to strengthen the foundation of our city which is infrastructure.” said McDonald.

“I know there are candidates out there who think cutting back is the solution. I disagree. You wouldn’t cut back on maintaining your home or doing repairs when needed. That would decrease the value of your property.” said McDonald. “Why would we do that to our city.”

McDonald says his plan will ensure long term growth and development.